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Intuitive Parenting - How to Tune into Your Innate Parenting Wisdom

Parents today are inundated with information and expert advice, often contradictory and invariably overwhelming. This results in anxiety, insecurity and stressed parenting that inevitably drives wedges between parents and children instead of the much-needed connection. This book offers swift, practical and to-the-point information to help you reconnect with your innate wisdom, giving you the confidence to trust your own parenting intuition.


Intuitive Parenting - How to Tune into Your Innate Parenting Wisdom

Being What You Want to See

Ever wondered why positive thinking doesn't always work? Jennifer Day reveals the answer in this new thought-provoking book, throughout which she demonstrates that if we want to decide how we think, we must first take charge of how we feel. Combining recent scientific research into the workings of the brain with ancient spiritual teachings, she offers just enough new information to keep us turning the pages before we are given simple ways to apply what we have just read in our own lives. To illustrate the concepts, a factually-based story about a family is woven through the book, and we are witness to how simple, practical solutions to unhelpful stress and destructive emotions can transform a family and their relationships, from upset and resentful to happy and content.

"This book is a valuable contribution to the development of principles and practice within the arena of emotional management and development. Day provides a sense of hope and achievement in an area that is frequently fraught with the frailties of the human condition." Elizabeth Herrick, Author of "Anger Management - A Practical Guide"

Children Believe Everything You Say

Today's children are tomorrow's adults and will inherit more challenges than any other generation before them. Parents know that their children's development, abilities and performance are directly related to how they feel about themselves. But how can they encourage their children to nurture the positive values and healthy self-confidence they are going to need?
This easy-to-follow book is divided into two parts: the first is for parents, offering practical tools and techniques for positive parenting; the second is for use by children on their own or with the whole family and includes:
*How children are affected by society's negative imagery
*A wealth of practical tools, techniques & guidance
*Stories, games and creative visualizations
*Further reading and a resource list

"Positive parents will love this book - a guide to creating healthy self-esteem and coping skills early on!" Good Housekeeping Magazine

"A delightful and valuable guide for parents. A splendid addition to the growing library of helpful books for enlightened parents." Joseph Chilton Pearce, Best-selling author of "Magical Child" & "A Crack in the Cosmic Egg"

Creative Visualization with Children

We think naturally in images all the time; visualization is an easy-to-learn way of harnessing this inborn ability. This practical guidebook helps children focus and retain their own imaging skills and put them to creative use in addressing the challenges that face them today. This entertaining and informative handbook:

~ is simple, fun and easy to use
~ will increase a child's sense of inner security
~ helps with childhood problems such as nightmares
~ gives children increased concentration skills
~ makes children better able to handle stress
~ helps children with communication & relationships
~ offers a step-by-step guide plus many visualizations
~ is suitable for family use, group work or classrooms

"Creative Visualization with Children provides clear and practical steps that are easy to understand and follow. Children of all ages as well as their parents, will find the exercises helpful, fun, and inspiring..... Jennifer Day has created a wonderful guidebook .... I recommend this book."
Shakti Gawain, Best-selling author of "Creative Visualization" and many others