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Being What You Want to See

"Think Positive!" they say, but have you ever wondered why this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work, for yourself or others in your life? Jennifer Day reveals the answer in her new thought-provoking book Being What You Want To See.

"A biological fact of the human condition is that feelings are more powerful than thoughts," Day says. In her new book, she demonstrates that if we want to decide how we think, we must first take charge of how we feel.

And the secrets to making our thinking work for us and to living the life we want, are all in this book! Drawing on decades of research into emotions, body-brain connections, and the recently emerged field of emotional intelligence, Being What You Want To See reveals the stunningly simple truth behind perception shifts that actually improve and enrich lives: Any technique that claims to change your thinking, only works if your emotions are also engaged.

In Being What You Want to See Day combines theories and research from hard science and psychology, with ancient spiritual teachings to show us why and HOW emotions can, quite easily, be understood, managed, and mastered to bring our thinking up to its potential – almost without effort! It can become the greatest tool we have for improvement at our disposal. And this tool is innate, so it’s free!

Throughout the book, she offers opportunities to explore the concepts as they relate to ones own life, with wide-ranging, simple, practical exercises. Woven through the book is also the factually-based story of a couple and their three children, and how they learn to recognize and manage emotions of frustration, resentment, disappointment, and sadness before they nearly evolve into situations of regret. Based on a combination of several of Day’s actual clients, they illustrate clearly how the book’s concepts can readily be integrated into day-to-day life. Readers can enjoy witnessing the family members’ transformation from edgy and angry to emotionally intelligent, caring, fulfilled, and happy - and be inspired to follow suit!

"Jennifer Day has once again proven herself to be among the most dynamic and thoughtful leaders in the self-help revolution." Ronald Paul Hill, Ph.D. Author

"This book is a valuable contribution to the development of principles and practices ... Day provides a sense of hope and achievement in an area frequently fraught with the frailties of the human condition." Elizabeth Herrick, Psychologist, Author of 'Anger Management - A Practical Guide'