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Children Believe Everything You Say

Today's children are tomorrow's adults, and parents know that children's performance is directly related to how they feel about themselves. But how can they encourage their children to nurture positive values and self-confidence?

Jennifer Day offers tried-and-tested, practical solutions, including:
* how children are affected by society's negative imagery and what to do about it
* a wealth of practical tools, techniques, guidance and advice
* stories, games, and creative visualizations
* further reading and a comprehensive resource list

"An easily understood and very effective practical guide. Whole-heartedly recommended!"

--Brian Graham, Book Reviews

"A delightful book that is well written. I have read some of the storys in it to my four year old and he has enjoyed them. I've also tried some of the simpler games, like "If I was a colour, I'd be ..." with him. I feel that this book has given me what I was looking for to develop my relationship with my child (there's also further recommended reading). It has been written so that it can be dipped into and a story read from or activity carried out to suit the circumstances or age of the child (use your own discretion). A final word, this book (the activities, visualizations and stories) can also be done by parents too!"
--Reader review

"Yes, it's true (although sometimes hard for parents to face) -- CHILDREN BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SAY. You can help compensate for some of the things you've said and later wished you hadn't by making good use of the fun and truly usable exercises in this book! Children love stories, and this book is packed with interesting folk tales that illustrate the positive and help children understand the incredible depth and breadth of human emotions.

I was amazed at how engaging and fun all of the exercises in this book are, even for older children. This priceless addition to your book shelf can even provide you with tools for improving your own self-esteem. After all, it's never too late for a happy childhood. Get started today with this awesome book!"
--Reader review