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Creative Visualization with Children

"In my years of teaching creative visualization, many people have asked my advice on how to use this powerful tool most effectively with children. Now Jennifer Day has created a wonderful guidebook for doing exactly that. Creative Visualization with Children provides clear and practical steps that are easy to understand and follow. Children of all ages, as well as their parents and teachers, will find the exercises helpful, fun and inspiring. If you would like to offer guidance to your children or students on how to use their imaginations to help them learn, to develop different aspects of themselves, to solve problems and attain goals, I recommend this book."

--Shakti Gawain, Bestselling author of Creative Visualization and many other books.

"This book is written to be used with children but adults love it too! The
gentle but reviving imagery is carefully paced and succinctly put so that sessions can be guided properly to the level of children's emotional and intellectual development. In other words kids don't get bored while you're reading to them. The book is full of practical exercises all very easily accessed with subjects to address particular problems for children. How about hanging up your troubles on the 'trouble tree' or discussing a difficulty you are experiencing at school with the 'professor tree'? I have so many favorites visualizations from this book and I return to read from it again and again. This is my must."
--Reader Review