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Jennifer Day wrote her first book Creative Visualization with Children: A Practical Guide in 1994, (Element Books), to date available in nine foreign languages. Her second book, Children Believe Everything You Say (1997, Element Books), a guide to building self-esteem in children within the context of the family, and is now also available in Spanish, Italian, French, German and Japanese. A member of The Authors Guild, Jennifer has written countless articles, edited several books including Awaken the Genius in Your Child, and is contributing author of When All The World’s Asleep (Element Children’s Books 1998). Her book Being What You Want to See was commisioned by the Shinnyo-En Foundation, (San Francisco 2008), and her latest book Intuitive Parenting is published by Robinson (London, 2019)

Born, raised and educated in Europe, she spent more than fifteen years in the performing arts, as a director, choreographer and teacher of dance. In the mid-eighties, she chose to change direction and embarked on studies in Counseling & Stress Management, in London (England)and later in California and Hawaii. Specializing in person-centered counseling, she spent 9 years of further extensive studies into alternative approaches to stress management. A member of the British Holistic Medical Association and the British Holistic Education Network, she co-founded and directed VIA, a Stress Management consulting firm, and co-designed and directed an emotional literacy program that was implemented in 12 public schools in the UK.

Jennifer has given countless trainings to corporations, organizations, schools, parents, and individuals in both the US and the UK. She has been affiliated with several research initiatives looking at the power of emotions in behavior, learning, and business leadership, and she continues to design and facilitate trainings, coaching, and consultations in AEM on both sides of the Atlantic. She also continues to write books, articles, Blogs & Newsletters on the subject, for both adults and children, and runs her international coaching practice Applied Emotional Mastery, from London UK.

She can be contacted through her website: